Juno Squares v3 - size 5 - dyed "Deep Waters"

Juno Squares v3 - size 5 - dyed "Deep Waters"

$ 299.00

100% Combed Pima cotton 

Juno Squares version 3 is a lightest Pima Squares and undyed in alternating weaves. "Deep Waters" is dyed in a graduated blue to almost deep blue/purple across the wrap.

The combination of pattern and quality yarn creates a perfect fusion for wrapping perfection. Woven in our exclusive mill in the Northeast.   


Items marked as second quality may contain weaving or finishing flaws (including stains) that are cosmetic only and do not effect the function or safety of the fabric. First quality wraps of this colorway may also have very minor flaws, such as a skipped thread or a small pull. Everything is priced accordingly.


***The Juno colorway, like all Emmeline Textiles, must be washed separately every time. Please make sure to follow the washing instructions as outlined in the booklet.  

Released July 21, 2018