Meadowsweet Dots - dyed size 4 - "Completion"

Meadowsweet Dots - dyed size 4 - "Completion"

$ 260.00

100% Combed Pima cotton. Another classic.     

Meadowsweet Dots is a dots pattern with our soft and fluffy Pima warp and weft. Proudly woven in a boutique local mill and finished in the USA. Each wrap is hand sewn and will have artistic variances.

Rosy pink to purple graduation dye. Has a few dye transfer spots.

***The Dots pattern, like all Emmeline Textiles, must be washed separately every time. Please make sure to follow the washing instructions as outlined in the booklet.  

Items marked as second quality may contain weaving or finishing flaws (including stains) that are cosmetic only and do not effect the function or safety of the fabric.

Original release August 13, 2017