Partita no. 6 - dyed - Size 3 "Second Chance"

Partita no. 6 - dyed - Size 3 "Second Chance"

$ 258.00

Partita no. 6 - dyed - Size 3 "Second Chance"

100% combed Pima cotton 

Partita no. 6 features our unique modified herringbone pattern, woven in natural undyed combed cotton warp and weft. 

The combination of pattern and quality yarn creates a perfect fusion for wrapping perfection. Woven in our exclusive mill in the Northeast.   

Mulberry to purple to ice blue mirror color graduation.  


This is not a typical dye and will have variations in color, which may include but not limited to lines, dots, or other beauty marks. All dyed items are works of art done by hand and these variations are part of the beauty of the art form. While we do our best to represent color, please keep in mind that not all screens are equally calibrated and the textiles may present differently in real life. All in-house dyed items come prewashed and ready to wear. 


This wrap was dyed at Emmeline Textiles and includes the signature dye tag.

Dyed items come washed and ready to wear. 

Released May 8, 2017